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So basically i’m hanging w/ an old roommate and I’m just singing along to a video on youtube, and from the kitchen i hear “shit that’s high, I forgot about that”

I’m there thinking she almost burned herself by accident or can’t reach something on a shelf. Then I realised i’m not singing in my head, i’m singing out loud, fairly loud, in the right octave, to a girl.  Anna is over in the kitchen asking me how i can sing higher than her. 

Sometimes i forget my falsetto range is pretty high for a guy who’s a bari-bass.  Years of singing along to queen and singing a trumpet part in the written octave have done something i suppose.  i guess my range is kinda wide.  =\ merp

Andrew De Leon.

don’t judge a book by it’s cover…. you’ll be suprised.

It’s a “play guitar, and belt disney music, even though I’m guessing half the chord progressions by ear” kinda night

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